Fun and laughter on a Summer holiday

Fun and laughter on a Summer holiday

How are the summer holidays going? Are your cherubs still a joy to spend time with, grateful for all the time and activities you’ve enjoyed together? If the answer is no, then firstly I feel your pain, but secondly have you considered cutting them out of your Will? Not only could it teach your children a valuable lesson, it would also save a lot of space on the page.

As tempting as this might seem at this time of year, having children is one of the biggest motivations for writing a Will. Needing to know our children are planned for and protected keeps a lot of parents up at night (or at least it would if our children weren’t already doing the job so well). So why not start this school year with a good night’s sleep, achieved by getting your plans down in your Will. We can advise you on how to approach the tough decisions; like appointing guardians. We can inform you about the inheritance tax difference between inheriting at 18 vs older. We can create your Will to make these plans legal – and hopefully not needed for years to come. But once they’re drafted, you don’t need to worry about the what if’s any more, and you can concentrate on making more plans for quality time together…for them to tarnish with requests for ice cream/toys/souvenirs/sweets/stay for 10 more minutes/moaning to go home already…….

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