Remember a Charity week in the UK

Remember a Charity week in the UK

From 10th to 16th September it is Remember a Charity week in the UK. Remember a Charity work with UK charities to help raise awareness and participation of leaving legacies to worthy cause in the Wills and Wishes on the public. This years hashtag is #PassOnSomethingWonderful

This special week helps create a talking point, an opportunity for professionals, like us here at Carson & Hughes, to tell the greater public how we can all help #PassOnSomethingWonderful. It can be difficult to commit to a charity during our lifetimes; the reps out on the high street seem to pop up at the busiest time of our day, the collector with the rattling bucket always seems to approach when we have no change and watching some of the adverts on TV can be really upsetting. Monthly charity Direct Debits are always the first to be cancelled when belt tightening needs to happen. But for most of us we do know and see the incredible work these charities do, and we do want to help. I volunteered at my local RSPCA centre for part of my work experience in secondary school (I figured it would teach me as much, albeit a different type, of experience than the other week I spent at a solicitor’s firm). And it certainly did! I was able to see behind scenes the passion, care, hard work, heartache and cost involved in caring for homeless/injured animals. With cancer touching so many peoples lives it’s likely everyone is fully aware and appreciative of the work carried out by the research charities, the nursing charities and the hospices. Legacies from Wills is a great British tradition, but often assumed to be only afforded by the wealthy. But this type of income is massively relied upon by charities, with it actually making up the majority of their annual incomes in many cases. So it’s really important that as many of us support as possible, so here’s a couple of ideas of how;

  • Leave a set amount legacy in your Will
  • Leave a percentage of your overall estate in your Will
  • Leave a conditional legacy in your Will, e.g. if your estate totals over a certain amount which you know will sufficiently support your loved ones, then the rest can be left to charity
  • Name a charity as a reserve beneficiary, in case others named as higher priorities are unable to receive

Here at Carson & Hughes we are well trained and experienced to help ensure we can support and structure all charity donations. A Client recently desperately wanted to continue his support for Barnardo’s after his passing but did not feel he could afford to from his estate. We therefore recorded in his funeral wishes, that instead of mourners purchasing flowers for his funeral, he would rather they donate the funds to Barnardo’s on his behalf. This seemingly small gesture will be cherished when the time comes, and means he is helping to #PassOnSomethingWonderful .

Whether your motivation is to reduce your inheritance tax bill (yes charitable giving in your Will can do this too!), continue to support a cause close to your heart for as long as you possibly can, or just ensure your estate will always have a beneficiary (i.e not the ‘tax man’) please take the first step this week to writing your Will. Contact us here on the details below, we will help ensure your best intentions are turned into your best wishes with your Will.

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